Dogs are Allowed Back

We’re happy to announce that your furry best friends can come back to Kairoa Brewing! We’re allowing dogs back on our rooftop patio. With both children and pets allowed, our rooftop makes the perfect dinner night for the whole family. Give your pet a little internet fame with our Kairoa Dog of the Week! For the chance to get your dog featured, post an adorable photo of them at Kairoa with the hashtag #kairoadogoftheweek on Instagram. If we pick them, we’ll feature them on our social media. We include a little bio with their favorite foods and activities!

We know the best place to relax with your pup after a long day is on top of our rooftop patio, enjoying the sunset. Grab some bites and check out our new hazy IPAs, like our Maitai Bay hazy IPA. Don’t forget to bring some treats for your buddy as well!

Things to Remember

When bringing your dog to Kairoa, don’t forget to bring a sturdy leash. With all the excitement, people, wonderful smells, and other dogs, your pet will be enticed to run around the patio. The last thing you want is for your pet to go barreling towards your server, who’s focused on bringing out the food and drinks to your table in one piece. You can also bring a water bowl and treats for your dog. While there are water bowls available, other tables may be using them, so you want to bring a backup just in case.

As always, remember that even though some things are going back to normal, we’re not entirely back yet! Keep following our COVID guidelines, wear your mask, maintain a safe distance, and have fun!

If you don’t want to dine-in quite yet, but still miss the New Zealand style comfort food, we offer online ordering to-go! Food, drinks, and merchandise are all available for pickup. Just remember we can’t sell alcohol by itself at the moment, you have to pair it with a food item.

If you want more information or have any questions, give us a call at (619) 295-1355.