What the New Regulations Mean for Local Breweries

As California begins to reopen, restaurants and breweries seem to be in a constant flux of opening and closing. These new rules may leave you wondering if you’re still able to go out to your favorite brewery and get a drink. The answer is yes, you can! With some minor adjustments.

Earlier this week, officials announced that breweries, bars, and wineries that do not sell food have to close. Establishments that sell food must ensure that the food and alcohol and purchased together on the “same transaction.” This means you won’t see someone standing around with a beer in their hand. All guests have to order their food and drinks together and must stay seated while drinking. Wineries and distilleries that have tasting rooms entirely outdoors are still able to operate without a food license.

Along with the new regulations, the previous ones are still in effect. Restaurants and breweries/bars selling food cannot let new customers in after 10 p.m. and must have all guests out by 11 p.m. Seating must be spread out, and facemasks are required when guests are walking through the restaurant.

What We’re Doing

At Kairoa, we make sure all staff and guests are following these precautions. Our rooftop patio allows for open-air seating with ample room to keep distance between tables. While we are no longer serving “just drinks” and hope to make this process easier by adding delicious new items to our menu, like our Lyttelton Chicken Salad! To keep everyone safe, we’re taking the temperature of both staff and guests, and ask anyone who is feeling sick to stay home and rest.

If you’re missing the New Zealand style comfort food but don’t feel ready to dine in, we offer food and drink for pickup! We hope to serve you the best we can while still doing our part to reduce the COVID-19 cases in the area. Stay safe, and we hope to see you soon!

If you want more information, call us at (619) 295-1355 or make a reservation now.